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Greetings all Battle Panic fans, welcome to the Battle Panic Wiki! All the pages on this Wiki are made to fufill all your Battle Panic needs from tips to enemy info. The pages on this Wiki have been created by us, the fans/players of the game, but we cannot make them unless you help us. We need everyone's help to try and make this Wiki the best it can be. Please don't spam on the Wiki, keep it professional, make sure that all your edits are legitimate and not made up things that don't make sense.


Greekfire975 (Founder) - Adding hyperlinks, pictures, and info.

Ft029 (Admin.) - Adding hyperlinks, some pictures, info, and fixing all grammer.

Rider339 - Adding hyperlinks, most of the pictures, and info.

Frosty Plant - Everything, specializing in info

Spike 144- Nothing yet :(

Jlm7- Barely anything yet :|

NinjaKiwiMan-Barely anything

A Wikia Contributor - Editing but still not much yet :P

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